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LoveVoodoo Travel   What is LoveVoodoo.com

LoveVoodoo Travel is not just a travel agency. We do not just book your room, take your money, and move on to the next customer. We plan signature LoveVoodoo Events at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. We attend the trips with you, make sure that everything goes smoothly, and that you have a great experience. We negotiate unbelievable rates and provide additional activates! How are we able to do that? LoveVoodoo Travel is the largest event planner at Hedonism Resorts! We do not just rely on the resort for entertainment. We bring our own DJ's, throw huge pool parties, games, cocktail parties, and we bring our own entertainment in addition to the resorts. We actually have Events. Other agents only book rooms and call it an event!

We sponsor other Lifestyle trips and Conventions like Naughty in N'awlins and a nude river cruise in France. We are also able to help you with a standard reservation to any resort, travel insurance, and transportation. All of us at LoveVoodoo Travel are here to share our experience with you and ensure your trip goes as smooth as possible. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business and we look forward to seeing you on a beach, with a drink in your hand. Visit us at LoveVoodooTravel.com

LoveVoodoo Fest - Every November at Hedonism II Hedonism Fest Our signature event LoveVoodoo Fest has been a HUGE success with over 600 attendees each year! From 21 years of age to 62 years of age, people looking to get away and just relax and people looking for a new wild experience, couples, singles, and groups, people looking to just watch, and people looking to participate - everyone was welcome! Please, visit www.LoveVoodooFest.com for more information about this event.

Goddess Week - Every March at Hedonism II Goddess Week at Hedonism II Goddess Week is an event dedicated to the Celebration of International Women's Day. It is an event for Couples, Single Men, and Single Women, but in the end it is all about the ladies! For one week forget about the kids, your overbearing boss, your incompetent employees, and your husband leaving the toilet seat up! Relax on the beach and allow us to serve your every need!The staff of LoveVoodoo Travel and Hedonism II will take care of everything. Don't worry, men, we have plenty in store for you as well! Please, visit www.GoddessWeek.com for more information.

Young Swingers Week - Every March at Hedonism II

Colorful Fantasies - Every August at Hedonism IIColorful Fantasies at Hedonism II Colorful Fantasies is a Lifestyle event to help couples and singles from different racial backgrounds to fulfill their wildest fantasies. If you are Chocolate looking for a little Vanilla, or Vanilla looking for a little Chocolate, you will be able to satisfy your craving at Colorful Fantasies. Visit www.ColorfulFantasies.com for more information about this event.

Big On The Beach - Every August at Hedonism II
Size Sometimes Matters! Big On The Beach - Negril Jamaica, located at the WORLD famous Hedonism II. The BBW’s, BHM’s, and all who love them, are coming to Hedo II this summer to live life to the fullest! This week is all about the F’s, Fun, Food, and... Friends (What did you think I was going to Say?) Please, visit www.BigOnTheBeach.com for more information about this event.


We want to thank you for visiting our web site and would like to give you some information before you decide to join. LoveVoodoo is not just a "Swingers Site", though we have plenty of Swingers as members. Your experience on LoveVoodoo can be as Mild or Wild as you want it to be, it is up to you! (most opt for wild! ) LoveVoodoo provides a no pressure environment to explore and possibly live out your sexual fantasies, even if that is only flirting, or you are looking to spice up a stale relationship. If you are looking to meet Real people, LoveVoodoo is the place to be.

"Real Members" - Every web site says they have “Real Members”. Some do, but most do not. LoveVoodoo is private, secure, REAL Members ONLY community with sexually open-minded couples, singles, and groups. Some of our members are full swap, some are soft swap, some are voyeurs, some want to connect with a bisexual female or are looking for a hot threesome with a single male, some want to Spice Up their marriage, and some just want to flirt and be part of a sexually open community. If you are not interested in the Lifestyle and you just want to look at adult pictures, please DO NOT join. There are other adult sites out there that will welcome you.


LoveVoodoo is the most unique casual dating site online, where real couples and singles, newbies or experienced, straight, bisexual or gay can meet other open-minded adults, featuring video, voice, pictures, chat room, club listings, blogs, erotic stories, hookups, private parties, swingers club parties, meet and greets, and other member events listings. LoveVoodoo also has sexy photo contests with prizes, monthly events at lifestyle clubs, and wild trips to Hedonism II and other lifestyle friendly resorts. There are hundreds of "Private Parties" and "Play Opportunities" listed on our site every day. This is not to mention the LoveVoodoo only events all over North America.

One of the biggest differences between LoveVoodoo.com and other lifestyle sites is that we bring people together not only on the web, but also at LoveVoodoo parties, Meet and Greets, and other Lifestyle events every week. We also own LoveVoodoo Travel and host the largest Lifestyle events several times a year at Hedonsim II resort in Negril, Jamaica. Our members have their own events and house parties all over the United States and Canada that they post on our "member calendar" that you may be invited to.

We take great pride in the diversity at LoveVooDoo. You will find people from all ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and sexual preferences. If you are close-minded, this is not the site for you! LoveVooDoo is not just a Lifestyle site, we have a large representation from other alternative lifestyle groups - BDSM, Exhibitionist, Nudist, Polyamory, etc. Our members include teachers, lawyers, doctors, lobbyists, programmers, plumbers, mechanics, welders, etc. You will not feel out of place with us, we are the most diverse community on the web.

If you are a newbie and you would like to know more about the swingers lifestyle, check out our Swinging 101 page or the Swinger Dictionary. If you are still not convinced that LoveVoodoo is THE swinger's community for you, read what our members have to say about us or read our Members Blog page.

LoveVoodoo has been featured on several TV and radio shows, and is a regular guest on The Tiffany Granath Show and Night Calls - both on Playboy Radio. LoveVoodoo is considered the fastest growing lifestyle dating site in North America.

Bottom line is: LoveVoodoo is not only a web site but a family of like-minded people. If you are looking to get involved in the "Lifestyle" and want to meet great people, LoveVoodoo is your gateway, and we would appreciate your membership.

Todd & Elena

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