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Club Green Door Tulsa
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Address: 5000 East Skelly Drive Tulsa OK
Phone: 1-800-836-9635    (918) 622-7000
Web Site:
Premisses: Off Premises
Description: What is the Green Door? We get asked a lot how are the parties? And it’s hard to answer as each party can have a different vibe. Sometime things are more relaxed and everyone hangs out and talks and some times we have naked women swinging from the rafters! What you do get every time is some of the best and most friendliest people you ever met. For those who have never came before the Green Door is a party for open minded couples and singles. The Green Door is not open every weekend! We have parties two or three times a month and those are our only party dates! If you are offended by erotic behavior or are not secure in your relationship then the Green Door is not a place for you. If you get jealous easily or act like an ass when intoxicated we ask that you move on and find another place to party. The club itself is classy and very and is split into sections. You have the main dance area which has a vibe similar to a nightclub. There is a DJ playing a mix of Top 40, Country and more. The DJ plays video’s as well as music and does take request. There is a stripper pole with a stage and some lounge seating as well as round tables and seating. Then there is the (In)Famous Naughty Room. This is where you go to act out your more wild fantasy’s and desires. The Naughty Room has plush bed areas as well as lounge seating and very mellow vibe. The parties are great for new couples. Everyone is very laid back, and you will never feel pressure to do anything you don't want to. One of the most asked questions is the age of the people that come. We get a very wide range of ages, and you simply can’t tell from one party to the next. A party may have more guest under 30 and then the next have more guest over 30. No matter your age range there should be at least some couples in your demographic. No matter the age the people are really great, and even if you don’t “hook up” that night you are guaranteed to meet some great people. If at any party you feel it is not your thing we will be more then happy to refund your money. (within reason of course) Dress code: we invite everyone to dress as they are comfortable. The women are encouraged to wear as little as they like and flaunt their stuff. .Just bring a cover up for coming and leaving the club. Please take a moment and review our guidelines. If anyone has any question feel free to contact us. We hope we get to meet you soon! Troy & Christy

- Smoking is allowed.

Contact: Troy & Christy


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